Singapore Lottery

SG Pools is Singapore’s only legal lottery operator and they offer a wide range of general sports betting as well as highly popular Singapore Lotto games.

Lotteries in Singapore are regulated by the Tote Board which is a statutory body under the government of Singapore. It also governs horse racing and sports betting, including football and motor racing bets.

There are several Singapore Pools outlets across the country and they accept all major credit cards and cash. You can buy a ticket online or at the store and there are many different types of lottery games to choose from, each with its own rules and prize structure.

The SG Toto Game (Toto Singapore) is the most popular of all the lottery games available from Singapore Pools and has been in operation for over 50 years. This lottery is very easy to play and the winnings are tax-exempt in Singapore.

This is a traditional draw style, pick six lottery where players can select at least six numbers from 1 to 49 and an additional number. The price for this lottery is $1, GST included and if the player has six numbers that match the winning numbers then they will win the jackpot.

There is a small group of people who prefer to purchase their lottery tickets from remote gambling platforms which are legally permitted by the state. However, most people who purchase lottery tickets still choose to do so at retail outlets rather than through online platforms.